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What Is Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy is widely used physical therapy used for treating muscle spasms. It helps to increase blood circulation and used in muscle rehabilitation. Electrical muscle stimulation helps to relieve muscle pain by delivering electrical impulses to the area of treatment. It has many therapeutic benefits and is a very popular type of treatment. It not only helps in muscle healing and tissue regeneration but also in preventing muscular atrophy. It re-educates the muscles through targeted stimulation and improves range of motion.

EasyGo Physio & Wellness Centre uses the best Electrotherapy equipment to provide to reduce pain give back freedom of movement. We use advanced machines like LASER, US, TENS Electronic muscle stimulation.

What can you expect when you visit the EasyGo Physio & Wellness Centre for Electrotherapy

You can always expect assistance in reducing your pain quickly. Visit our center if you are experiencing any or muscle stiffness in part of our body.

You can also avail our service Electrotherapy sessions to treat any form of morning stiffness or aching muscles. With electrotherapy, you can get quick relief from stiff and aching muscles. A typical session will in getting relief from the inflammatory sensation from the muscles.

Affected muscles are stimulated using electronic impulses and processed according to the requirement of the therapy. Electrotherapy concentrates on the target region to relieve various types of pain caused by injuries. It is also helpful for providing for post-surgery and post-trauma treatments.

The electronic therapy is classified based on the level of stimulation. It is generally used to work on the ‘pain gate’ to manage various kinds of pain. In fact, Electrotherapy is one of the major methods of pain management.

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