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What Is Pre & Postnatal exercise prescription?

Women during and post-pregnancy are exposed to several medical conditions including the likes of obesity. There are certain exercises which are helpful but should be followed under guidance during this period. Since childbirth is an extremely strenuous activity, the postnatal restructuring of the body is very important. We provide a complete guideline for pre and postnatal exercise regimes. These are designed by our experienced therapists to ensure a safe and healthy exercise regime for the new and would-be mothers.

What to expect at Pre & Postnatal Exercise Treatment Sessions at EasyGo Physio & Wellness Centre.

If you are looking forward to continuing exercising after giving birth, we are here to help. We have specialists for treating pre and postnatal issues. It is advised that Clients are advised to book an early appointment for a consultation about planning the sessions.

The pre and postnatal prescription come with certain restrictions and regulations. To know more about the do’s and don’ts, consult any of our therapist or doctor.

The prescriptions follow the important aspect of pre and postnatal exercises. We’ve different exercises for the spine and several others for posture corrections. To know more about exercise prescription book an appointment with our therapists.

We lay emphasis on flexibility training to develop the core muscles. The stress of the delivery is immense for which our trainers focus on developing the core muscles to rejuvenate the mother’s strength.

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